1. the branch of statistics that deals with data relating to living organisms.

OCRA provides statistical support to FSU researchers to assist with various aspects of research studies, whether for manuscript submission or grant applications. This support includes study design, data management, data analysis, and presentation of results. Contact a member of OCRA's Biostatistics team.

Study Design

  • Consult with the study Principal Investigator (PI) to determine the appropriate study design for the research question(s)
  • Identify and clarify the study outcome variables and study aims
  • Consider measurement issues and how to best address them
  • Carry out sample size estimates and power calculations

Data Management

  • Review and edit data collection forms
  • Contribute to the database development
  • Help with data dictionary and documentation
  • Integrate data from various sources
  • Monitor data integrity

Data Analysis

  • Conduct data analysis as specified in study protocol
  • Relate statistical tests to specific aims so as to answer the research question(s)
  • Produce tables, graphs, and summaries of analysis results
  • Interpret results of statistical analysis, including limitations
  • Conduct additional exploratory analyses as applicable

Presentations of Results

  • Review analysis results reported in manuscript / presentation
  • Ensure accuracy of interpretations
  • Write statistical analysis section and contribute to results and discussion sections
  • Help respond to reviewer questions and comments