Clinical Research and Trials Unit

The FSU Office for Clinical Research Advancement (OCRA) provides guidance, tools, resources and facilitation to help faculty, staff and students successfully navigate clinical and translational research at FSU and with its community healthcare partners. The office manages the FSU Clinical Research and Trials Unit, a 2,200-square foot facility designed to support clinical research and clinical trials in advancing the understanding, prevention and treatment of human diseases and health conditions. Collectively, services and personnel provided to FSU researchers include research design and study consultation; clinical research coordination; assistance with participant recruitment; biostatistical, data analysis and regulatory support; as well as phlebotomy services. The outpatient research space has private exam rooms, interview/testing and consultation rooms, and vital signs/phlebotomy space with processing and specimen storage capabilities. An open area provides flexible, multi-use space that can be reconfigured to accommodate different studies. The unit is equipped to be adaptive and supportive for a variety of clinical research needs. 

How the CRTU Can Help:

  • Clinical Research Nurse can advise on study design and site feasibility

  • Provide access to research exam & interview rooms

  • Recruitment and consenting of participants

  • Administration of research tests and procedures

  • Collection, processing and storage of bio-specimens

  • ADA compliant restroom and shower