Clinical Collaborators

Our office can assist FSU researchers interested in finding collaborators for clinical and translational research. FSU has had longstanding relationships with healthcare institutions in Tallahassee and across Florida for educational and research opportunities involving students in the health sciences colleges and the College of Medicine residency programs. Many of these relationships also present a number of opportunities for faculty to find clinical research collaborators and/or study sites.


TMH has been a valued partner with FSU for a number of years in fostering research collaborations across a variety of health disciplines including medicine, nursing, human sciences, psychology, neurosciences, music therapy and engineering. The process for collaboration begins with your outreach to OCRA. Our staff will assist and guide you through the process and can connect you to the right resources at TMH for finding clinical collaborators, research subjects and navigating the TMH IRB. Please visit our F.A.Q. page for more details! 

Greater Tallahassee Community

We have a robust relationship with healthcare providers in a variety of disciplines in and around Tallahassee. Our partnerships include providers of women’s health, pediatrics, physical therapy, neurology, orthopedics, primary care and more! Contact OCRA to discuss your collaborator needs.